Refer to this page for everything that doesn't fit specifically into any other category. Any updates to this page will be noted in the News section of the front page, but you can keep checking back if you're afraid you've missed something.

I mean, obviously.


Commissions: Want a piece of art from me? Then click here! You know you want to.

Gallery: A collection of my sketches and drawings on the internet. Only somewhat complete, but always expanding. Check it out!

IRC: I have my own channel on the Nighstar server! It is: #Sandwichworld. Feel free to stop by and chat! I'm there infrequently, and usually late at night.

Other Comics: Here you'll find a list of all the comics I read, plus several others, as well as other sources for online comics.

Wallpapers: Because you need to stare at my characters whenever you turn on your computer.

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