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    Whee! This is my very first piece of fan art, which is actually a fan comic by none other than Rabidazell! This is his rendition of "Meantime", my filler strip, and it actually teaches a very important lesson in history that you wouldn't know otherwise. So you see? Comics can be funny and educational! His use of the safe is both appropriate and well-done.
    Hey look! It's everyone's favorite talking safe (even though the talking is limited to the word "yes", no one's complaining...)! This beautiful rendition of the most impenetrable of "Meantime" characters was brought to you by CRiX! I think the blue on black makes for a very nice effect, really giving off a "You can't penetrate this safe!" sort of feel, along with a "Yes" kind of idea, know what I mean? ....................................................... Yes.
    And this comes to us from one Samayel San (who's real name is Jonathan, but I was told I don't have to change it, so I won't); another wonderful rendition of that crazy, crazy safe! It really touches a heart string to see so many people go out of their way and spend what must be hours to reproduce the complexity that is the safe... *sniff* Thanks, Samayel!
    Before I ran the strip, I held auditions as to who could be the colorist for my comic. Those who didn't qualify were thrown into a pit of rabid iguanas and then flogged before a public audience. Elevenbane, however, would have been my colorist, but she couldn't colour it daily, so instead she stays on as a guest colorist! Everyone wins! (Except the iguanas; they stay hungry and bitter...)
    Here, guest colourist Soleta show's us what's on Heather's mind, a variant of this strip.
    And this one comes to us from Katyra, who graciously went and colored this strip via the complex inter-workings of MS Paint!
    Now this piece, done by Stephan Wood, proves that Sandwich World's target consumer audience is everyone!
    This is Katyra's first, fully-coloured and assembled fan strip she's ever done for anyone! It involves a deep conversation enacted between Heather and that mono-vocabulatory, yet inexplicably popular, Safe That Says Yes!
    And what is this? Why, it's The Overlord! Can you not feel the heat of the flames?! Do you not tremble at his all-knowing, all-seeing might?! I know I do! This lovely piece was submitted by none other than CCelizic.
    Well, there's something about having your characters drawn about fifty times better than you can actually draw them, isn't there? This magnificent piece of art was submitted by none other than Joe England, creator, caretaker, and Elder God of Zebra Girl, a strip that you should all be reading, or else you shouldn't be reading at all.
      This here's a nifty gnarly piece that was the result of teamwork from the fabulous people over at The Wotch! Muchas Gracias to Anne and Robin! Isn't Zay just adorable?!
    This is the Trig Monster. (Thanks, Janine! *COUGHPLUGCOUGH*)
    Here we have an actual strip-related work by Janine! Zay's always staying positive, trying to look for the bright side of every situation! So what if others want to kill him?
    And here's a strip from Amazing Creep, a good friend of mine! I think this pretty much sums up Zay in every aspect possible.
    This here's another wonderful Safe That Says Yes depiction by Cheez, an avid forum-goer and rabid fan. Thanks Cheez!
    Why is it the Safe gets all the women? Is it the way he says "Yes"? Is it the way his closed vault exudes sexy, sexy mystery? These, and many other questions, will likely never be answered! This piece was carefully crafted by Carina Nor who authors her own wonderful comic Just Mortal that wholly deserves your attention. Go look! NOW!
    And here is a lovely piece by my very own cousin! She does beautifully illustrate the quality and essence of a delicious Sandwich World sandwich.
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